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So far more than 500 thousand dollars has been raised for the family of murdered Harris county sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth

Donations have been pouring in from across the country after the deputy was ambushed in cypress while pumping gas and shot execution-style.

            Deputy Goforth was laid to rest Friday.


Whole foods market says, it did not carry the brand of cucumbers recalled after nearly 300 people in 27 states became ill with salmonella including people right here in Texas.

            Louisiana’s health department identified whole foods and red lobster on Saturday as national chains that got rid of the Andrew & Williamson fresh produce "limited edition" cucumbers.


The U.S Border Patrol says the apprehension of immigrants crossing into our country illegally along New Mexico and portions of west Texas has increased by more than 8% over the last fiscal year.

            The El Paso times is reporting that U.S officials point to worsening conditions in Central America, in the form of poverty and violence, for the rise in border crossings.



The Minnesota dentist that killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe is heading back to work Tuesday.

            Walter Palmer is now disputing some accounts of the hunt.

            in an interview palmer says, he was surprised to learn his hunting party had killed such a treasured animal.

            He says, they would not have hunted Cecil had they known.