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HPD officers are searching for a man they say pistol-whipped his father. Police were called to glen manor and Darient in north east Houston. They say a middle-aged man was pistol-whipped by his adult son, who took off from the scene.

Police are investigating the death of a man, who they say was killed in front of his wife and young daughter. It’s believed it began with an attempted robbery at a north Houston shopping center parking lot. Police say the gunman climbed into a family's car and opened fire.

The father was able to shoot the suspect. Both men died at the hospital.

HPD officers are searching for a man they say pistol-whipped his father.Jason Boyle and a woman tipped over in their kayaks Friday night near Willowick and pine hill in river oaks. Boyle--who is in his mid-30's --never resurfaced.The search resumes this morning.

One of the raging wildfires in northern California has become deadly, along with destroying hundreds of homes and around a thousand other structures. Authorities say one person has died. The blaze sent residents fleeing along roads where some buildings and vehicles were still in flames.

An investigation is underway after two planes collided overnight at the Los Angeles international airport. A United Arlines flight from new jersey was taxiing to the gate - when an Alaska airlines jet pushing away from the terminal - slammed into it. All 350 travelers on board both flights weren't hurt.