Top stories this morning 11/5

A 20-year-old woman has been found dead in her living room. The investigation is underway at a high-rise along the southwest freeway .Police say the victim was cut and stabbed to death.



Police are looking for the driver who got away following a high speed chase on the gulf freeway. Around two o'clock this morning, when an officer attempted to make a traffic stop. The driver sped off and eventually crashed into rail road tracks. He got away.


            In Montgomery County, authorities are searching for a man. Who they say tried to kidnap a child. The girl tells investigators she was chasing a pet down the road, when a man forced her into his car. She managed to get away. After the man stopped in a field.

            We’re told an off duty peace officer found the girl hiding in shrubs.


A now former taco bell executive is apologizing, after a viral video showed him attacking an Uber driver in California.

            Benjamin Golden's attorney says his client is extremely remorseful for hitting the driver and that it's an isolated incident in his life. Golden now faces up to a year in jail.