Top stories this morning 10/8

President Obama has apologized for the attack at the doctors without borders hospital in Afghanistan that killed 22 people.

            He says the U.S will examine military procedures to determine whether changes could prevent these types of incidents.


The coast guard says it’s no longer searching for the 33 people missing on a U.S cargo ship that sank off the coast of the Bahamas.28 of those on board were American.

            Crews say there is no sign of survivors from 'el faro' last heard from nearly from a week ago as it was being tossed around in Hurricane Joaquin.



House majority leader Kevin McCarthy remains the heavy favorite to succeed john Boehner as speaker when republican lawmakers vote today.

            Some conservatives have made it clear they will not vote for McCarthy but, they have not settled on an alternative candidate.


A police chase ends in the Indian Ocean! Police in Perth, Australia were chasing a man who had allegedly stolen a car. The chase came to an end two hours later.

            Two officers ran down the beach and followed him into the surf after the driver escaped through a window.