Top stories this morning 10/6

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Police don’t know why a man who was fatally struck on the Katy Freeway was crossing the roadway. The accident happened last night around 11:30. The impact was so strong that the man went into the car and his legs were amputated. No charges are expected for the driver.


A man is in custody this morning after a swat team was called to a residence in southeast Houston overnight. Police say a woman and her child fled the home after her boyfriend attacked both of them. Police say she managed to take away her boyfriend's knife and use it to stab him multiple times.


An inmate set to be executed says he shouldn't die for an eight dollar robbery and slaying.

Juan Garcia acknowledges shooting a Mexican man who was robbed 17 years ago, but Garcia insists it doesn't deserve the death penalty. Garcia is set to receive a lethal injection later this evening. His execution would be the 11th this year in Texas.


The U.S troop strength in Afghanistan is a big question today, as the top commander there testifies before the senate armed services committee.

General John Campbell is likely to be asked whether he thinks president Obama should alter his plan, for reducing U.S troop presence after 2016.The plan calls for the current level of about ten-thousand soldiers to become a security operation of about a thousand.