Top stories this morning 10/12

President Obama is weighing in on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. In an interview with CBS ' "60 minutes", the President says her use of a private email server was a mistake, but it did not endanger national security.

            He also says public officials must be more sensitive about how they handle information. Government probes of Clinton’s email use and the security of her system are ongoing.


In California, the temperature is getting much hotter. It was 102 degrees in the suburbs in Los Angeles over the weekend. This is the hottest year on record.

            Nine other southern -California cities broke records this weekend with temps up to twenty degrees above normal.


There are neighbors banding together over the weekend in Columbia to assess and clean up the damage. Volunteers pitching in to help flooding victims clean out flooded homes. They say they've been gutting damaged houses in efforts to salvage as much as possible before mold sets in.


A settlement has been reached with families of some victims of a massive fertilizer explosion in Waco. The explosion happened two years ago. The jury selection for the trial was going to begin today, but potential jurors were excused because the settlement was reached. 15 people died and hundreds were injured in the explosion.


California is the first state to ban public schools from using the term "redskins" as a team name or mascot. This comes, after California governor jerry brown signed a law yesterday. The measure is set to go into effect January first of 2017 and affects four schools still using the term. The bill was defeated four times in the state, dating back to 2002.