Top stories this morning 10/1

In northeast Houston a man is dead following an industrial accident. He was crushed with a forklift this morning in the 8600 block of east Sam Houston parkway. We’ll bring you a report in our next half hour.


At least one person has been arrested after a drive-by shooting that left a six-year-old boy dead and his brother seriously hurt. Bullets were sprayed into the southeast side home last Friday morning while the children slept. 

            The other child in the shooting was shot in the chest.


A Katy junior high school student has a court appearance this morning after being arrested for assaulting a teacher.

            The boy's mother says her son was taking video of a gang initiation at McDonald junior high school Tuesday. When a teacher grabbed his phone, the two struggled for the phone and the teacher pressed charges.        


Residents up and down the east coast are bracing for Hurricane Joaquin. The storm is gaining power as it barrels towards the central Bahamas. The hurricane is a category three, with winds at 120 miles per hour. Areas from Georgia up to New York City are on alert.



Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S is prepared to welcome Russia’s actions in Syria, if they are directed at ISIS but, concern is rising that Moscow’s real aim is to back Syrian president Bashar Assad. Russian launched airstrikes on Wednesday.

            There are claims that civilians were killed.