Tony Buzbee taps into voter frustrations as Turner still holds substantial lead

Looking to erase an electoral deficit deep in double digits and with time quickly running out, mayoral challenger Tony Buzbee revisited a persistent theme of his campaign, abolition of so-called “pay to play politics.”

"First off, I'll find where all the bodies are buried," said Buzbee.

Buzbee's primary target at Tuesday's press conference was controversial Harvey relief vendor ICF Incorporated, fired last week by Harris County after failing to get a single-family qualified for federal aid.

Turns out, the same Virginia based company is still under contract with the City and despite a performance described as "dismal" has collected millions of dollars.

"Let me tell you when I am the Mayor, I will immediately fire ICF. I think anybody who is reasonable who is paying attention would immediately fire ICF. I'll make sure if no work was done for those moneys, we will get that money back and they can go to an open forum, a court and explain how they actually got the contract and what they actually did for it," said Buzbee.

ICF lists Mayor Sylvester Turner's former law partner and multiple political donors as sub-contractors.

A spokesperson for the Turner campaign declined to comment. A spokesman for the City confirmed ICF's contract, reportedly for up to $36 million, is still in effect.