Tips for keeping Galveston Bay clean

The Galveston Bay Foundation is giving the bay area a "C" health grade for the 4th year straight.

They're hoping we'll all help fix that and sent us a few tips on how.

First, clean up after your dog. They say some 900,000 pups in the Houston and Galveston area produce 52 dump trucks worth of waste every day. Dog waste on the ground gets swept by rain into our waterways and ends up in the bay. Droppings from about 100 dogs over 2 to 3 days can create enough bacteria to close bays within 20 miles. So, don't leave it on the ground.

Next, mind your plastic. Opt for re-usable cups and plates when at the beach, and pick up plastic liter around Houston. Trash from all over Houston ends up in the Bay.

Last, be mindful with watering your lawn. Chemicals and such run off into our creeks and end up in the bay. Try not to water when there's rain coming. Wet foliage creates fungus that’s bad for our waterways.