Thieves crawl through drive-thru window, steal thousands in Pasadena

Employees say they were beaten and robbed at gunpoint while working at a Pasadena McDonald’s. The robbery was all caught on surveillance video.

It was just before 3 a.m. on Sunday at the McDonald’s located along Spencer Highway. The men driving in a dark-colored SUV ordered food, handed money to the cashier, and once she opened the register, pulled themselves in through the window. They began pointing guns and demanding cash.

Brittany Ireland, the cashier, recounts the terrifying moments. "He held a gun to my head the whole time while I was on the ground. He kept his foot right here on my neck, and I got scared because I didn’t know what he was going to do so I told him 'please don’t shoot me', and he told me 'shut up' and he kicked me and he kept kicking me in the head and I just close my eyes real tight and I just waited for them to be gone.”

The men, some wearing masks and bandanas, grabbed a manager, pointed the the gun to his back, and demanding he take them to the safe. He was ordered to get down on the ground.

Managers at the restaurant tell FOX 26 that the men got away with about $3,000 cash in about four minutes. They all got away in the same dark-colored SUV they drive in with. The managers say that the police told them it was a stolen car from Houston. 

Although their employees received the scare of their lives, none of them were injured. 

“I just want them to be caught, because they didn’t have the right to do that to us. We were just doing our job. Trying to make money, earn a living,” says Brittany.

Employees say the suspects are still out there, so if you have any information that can help get these four men off the streets, please contact police.