Thieves brazenly steal elderly woman's wallet at California grocery store

Police in Walnut Creek, California have been looking for two women who teamed up to snatch an elderly woman’s wallet out of her purse as she shopped at a grocery store on Monday, September 9.

Surveillance footage shared by the Walnut Creek Police Department on Wednesday shows one suspect, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black hat, standing near the victim at a Safeway in Walnut Creek. The suspect looks around the victim and her shopping cart before walking away and returning several times.

The video then shows the suspect standing behind the shopper and leaning over to fish the victim’s wallet out of her purse. Another suspect stands off to the side and watches. The duo are later captured on camera exiting the store.

The Walnut Creek Police Department took to social media on Wednesday to ask for help identifying the suspects. Police said on Friday they were investigating and “actively working several leads” from the public.

“Anytime we have a victim there is obviously outrage but especially when the victim is one of our senior member of our community. It’s very troubling,” Walnut Creek police spokeswoman Lt Tracie Reese told local media.

Credit: Walnut Creek Police Department via Storyful