Theft of expensive puppies from north side store caught on tape

It’s around 5:30 in the morning when the thieves make their first attempt to break open the door with a crow bar to Pet City Houston near FM 1960.

The third times a charm.

Once inside the pair seem to know exactly what they came for.

English Bull Dog puppies like this one.

They can fetch 2 to 3 grand each.

“They knew that we had English Bull dogs back here they just didn’t know which kennel,” said Sheri Stack owner of Pet City Houston.

“They started opening up the kennels from the door in until they found the bulldogs.”

“They actually knew where the light switch was,” said Stack.

The thief actually gives the camera a thumbs up.

After a quick look for the key turns up nothing he just steals the safe.

He and his partner who may be a female are obviously no strangers to Pet City Houston.

“They know we would have figured out who they were because they were covered from masks to their feet gloves everything so we could not identify them,” Stack said.

The pair also snatch a Schnauzer and a Maltese, both pricey puppies.

Even though she’s out thousands and thousands of dollars the owner’s biggest concern?

The five English Bull Dog puppies.

“English Bull Dogs are a very hard breed to own,” Stack said. “The health issue alone this heat it’s a hundred degrees outside I mean they die you can’t leave them outside.”