The Remington Great Americans Shoot

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On September 26th, the Special Forces Charitable Trust is hosting The Remington Great Americans Shoot in Rosharon, Texas.

The shoot raises money benefiting organizations that directly serve our nation’s Special Ops community.

Twenty teams of five shooters will be competing.  Each of the teams consists of US citizens who simply want to make a difference. In addition each team will include a “6th Man” from within the Special Operations Community. The teams are responsible for raising at least $50,000. Half of the proceeds go to the Special Forces Charitable Trust while the rest is divided among charities of the top five winning teams. Last year the charitable shoot raised $1.2 million in which it hopes to surpass this year.

One man who is bringing a lot of attention to the organization is Major Ivan Castro, an active United States Army Special Forces member.

Ivan lost his sight in 2006 during a mission in Iraq. He was trying to save several of his men when the area was bombed.

“The motor round had broken my nose, it shattered my right cheek bone, my right eye was immediately enucleated,” said Ivan.” The fragment also flung shrapnel in my left eye and doctors had to go in and remove it; it left me blind.”

His injuries from the explosions were shocking and he spent weeks hanging on by a thread in the hospital.

But Ivan’s disability has not stopped him from participating in the RGAS. Last year he hit 13 of 20 clays, bringing the audience to tears.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” said Mike Reynolds, the Chairman of RGAS15 and RGAS14. “And after about the fifth bird when everyone was just dumbfounded with every other bird that he shot, kids were picking up his shells from the ground.”

Ivan said his faith has kept him on a positive track after his recovery. 

“Right now, I think the Lord has another mission for me. And that is to make sure that our guys that are out there right now, and those that are in a hospital bed, the families that are currently on their knees praying because their husbands or their son or their brother is in the operating room right now getting surgery, that’s my fight making sure they're taken care of.”

Ivan and Reynolds explained RGAS15 is a way to for those that are not active to get to know the men, women, and families of those who are, and support them for all they do for this country.

“The funnest part of this shoot for me is an opportunity for a hundred civilians to do more than shake their hands and say thank you for your service,” said Reynolds. “They get to spend some time and realize what incredible Americans they are.”

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