The New Black Panther Party protests the Waller County jail

They're bold, unapologetic, and packing assault rifles.The new Black Panther Party protested the Waller County jail Wednesday afternoon. 

Yahcanon with the Black Panther Party says, "we have to take back the power, it will define who we are."

They're the latest group to target the Waller County Sheriff after the July 13th death of Sandra Bland.

The group took to the streets in what appeared to be a stand off with deputies from Waller County backed up by Harris County and the weapons were everywhere.

Earlier in the day former Waller County Justice of the Peace Dwayne Charleston also showed his defiance by forcing deputies to arrest him for trespassing at the Waller County jail.

The first protester to be taken into custody.

We spoke exclusively to him by phone after he was transferred to the Grimes County jail.

Charleston says, "I believe some things are just worth going to jail for."

This is the barricade Charleston is referring to placed around the jail. He believes it's part of a plan to force protesters off the county property. There were also several trees protesters used as shade that have been cut down. 

Sheriff Glenn Smith said the removal of the trees was six months in the works.

He also says he has no problem with the protests even the Black Panthers and their guns.

But one thing Sheriff Smith says he won't being doing is quitting his job as rumors have circulated.