The Future Is Now - room service robots

The Future Is Now!

A future where Alexa doesn't need your voice is in the works.

It's thanks to a software developer who's worried non-verbal people will soon be left behind in our digital assistant world. He figured out a way to get his echo to understand sign language. 

He uses a web cam and coding he created to make it happen.

This is just a prototype for now and the develop says he plans to continue to work on it.

But Amazon did just release an Alexa update for the Echo Show that allows you to use Alexa without voice commands.


The Future Is Now!

Welcome to a future of room service robots.

A hotel in Vegas is using them and says customers love them.

They deliver food, coffee, spa items. They even operate the elevators all by themselves.

And if you notice, their exterior is meant to look like dog hair.

Because who doesn't love a dog that can fetch right?


The Future Is Now!

If you're worried about someone using your eye balls after your gone to get into your iPhone, don't be.

A group of Polish researchers say they've developed a machine that can tell the difference between the irises of a dead and living person.

This might sound crazy, but digital grave robbers could become a real concern as technology advances.