The Future is Now - Facebook talent show

The future is now!

It's a future where you can sing in the shower or in your car or in the office without anyone hearing you -- thanks to the Belt Box. You cup it over your mouth while you sing and they promise to cut your sound by 30 decibels. They say it'll be like everyone around you is hearing you through earplugs. The Belt Box is $50 and it's even waterproof. It's marketed toward singers who want to practice without bothering anyone.


The future is now!

In the near-future you will be able to take part in a talent show -- on Facebook.

Rumor has it they're working on a feature that would let you record yourself karaoke-style and compete against other people on a certain Facebook page.

Facebook already has deals with Warner, Universal and Sony Music, and has said they want to integrate music more into the platform.


The future is now!

Welcome to a future where 3D technology is helping doctors fight tumors. Purdue researchers are working on a way to digitally re-create how a tumor sits inside you. They can get a better idea how to approach it, and how the tumor might react to medication.

They’re calling it “disease on a chip".