The Breakdown - food box

In the new 2019 budget summary for the Department of Agriculture, there's mention of a box – a food box.

In order to save more than $5 billion a year, the government is proposing SNAP benefit recipients get a box of American-made products.

People started comparing this to meal delivery services like "Blue Apron", but that's mostly fresh products. The USDA says their boxes would have non-perishable staples like peanut butter and canned meats

They say this will be paired with the current benefit debit card system, with most people getting about half their benefit dollars still on the card to spend as they please.

But people aren't sure how they feel about losing that much flexibility. The USDA did say allergies and religious needs will be accommodated, but otherwise haven't said whether you'd have any flexibility as to what goes in the box.

People are also curious what will happen for people who don't have a stable or safe place for their box to be delivered. That'll be up to your state. They'd be in charge of distribution.

It is still just a plan at this point. This would still have to be approved by Congress.