The Breakdown - Facebook engagement baiting

Do you ever get annoyed when Facebook posts ask you to "like" it or "share" if you agree? Facebook is aware and is making a change.

It is called "engagement baiting," where people try to get their posts shown to more people by getting more people to like, comment, or otherwise "engage" with the post, but Facebook says users consider the practice "spammy."

There is also "vote baiting" where posts ask you to use the different reactions to vote on something, in addition to "react baiting," which would phrased something along the lines of "like" if you're a fan of someone and "love" for an alternative option.

Another concern for Facebook is "share baiting," which might be phrased something like, "Hey, share this with 3 friends who also love pizza."

Facebook says engagements are supposed to be authentic and not prompted. Just like the company has worked to remove click-bait headlines and aggressive forms of advertising, starting this week, it will pushing "engagement baiting" posts off of your timeline.

What does this mean? 

If you own a page for a business, you'll have to work on content that really gets people to react naturally, not by asking for it.