The ancient Chinese practice of face reading

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According to mian xiang, an ancient Chinese practice, your face is an open book, but only certain people can read it.

Here in Houston, Alfee Poon is a face reading specialist, and she is one of the very few in the city trained to do this.

Face reading, or “mian xiang” in chinese, has been practiced for more than 2,600 years and is the ancient practice of reading facial features for insight into a person's history, present situation and future development.

“This started from Asia, China even over dynasties, the Emperor already started using face reading to recruit their important officials. Nowadays, people still use face reading to recruit employees, and employee also to choose their employers,” said Alfee Poon, a face reading specialist.

To this day, many people in Asia rely on face reading to guide their decisions, like deciding whether someone is marriage material by using their picture.

So how does it work?

Face readers use techniques from a book written thousands of years ago and certain maps.

One called the “100 Years Face Map” shows the age something significant could happen.
Another one called the “12 Houses Face Map” shows what feature represents which area of your life.

“A bigger forehead means you are a good thinker. You have a good imagination, and you also like literature -- good at literature and science. So if you have a lower forehead, it means your reaction is very fast. You act quicker than you think. Just like a lot of athletes -- they have a lower forehead,” said Poon.

If you use the map, make sure to use age correctly. People in Asia count your time spent in the womb as year one, so you have to add a year to however old you are now to use the maps accordingly.

Specialists use the example of Abraham Lincoln who had a prominent mole on the right side of his face, which corresponds to the age 57 spot in the 100 Years Face Map. Using Chinese calculations, he was 57 years old when he was assassinated.

Then there are your features. The shape and size of your eyes, nose, mouth, hairline all mean something, and it takes years to learn how to interpret all the different features out there.

According to mian xiang, your lips show how much of a giver and taker you are.
If your lips are about the same width, you give as much as you take.
But if your lower lip is much thicker than your upper lip, you take more than you give and vice versa.

Poon said no one's face is perfectly balanced and therefore, no one has a perfect life.

The philosophy is your personality affects attitude. Attitude affects emotion. Emotion affects your facial expression. Facial expression can change facial features.

“If you know you have a negative or bad personality, change it, and change your thoughts and then your features will start to change over the years, then a few years later, you’ll realize your face has changed. So remember that, don’t just -- based on face reading, my destiny is like this. Your destiny can be changed,” said Poon.

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