Texas future flood control projects and the rainy day fund- What's Your Point?

This week’s panel: Jacquie Baly – UH Downtown Political Science Professor, Mike Collier- former Democratic Lt. Governor candidate, Ben Streusand – conservative commentator, “Three Amigos”, KSEV Radio, Laura Moser – former Democratic congressional candidate, Ben Ferguson – Radio host and conservative commentator, Antonio Diaz- writer, educator and radio host,  talk about the legislature approving $3 billion from the rainy day fund to future flood control projects.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Nearly two years after Hurricane Harvey battered Houston and the Texas coast, state lawmakers approved setting aside more than $3 billion to help pay for flood control projects.

The bill sent to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday had been deemed a priority after the Category 4 hurricane struck the Texas coast in 2017 and dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston.

Harvey caused an estimated $125 billion in damage . At least 68 people directly died from Harvey's effects.

The bill would allow local governments to apply for grants for flood control and planning projects.

A state report in January warned that powerful natural disasters on the scale of Harvey's deadly destruction will become more frequent because of a changing climate.