Texas announces it will cut Medicaid for Planned Parenhood

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Monday, Texas announced it is cutting Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood.

While some think this is a step in the wrong direction, others feel it is a step in the right direction to improving women’s health care.

A similar action was taken by Louisiana officials not too long ago and Monday a federal court actually blocked that from taking effect.

“When we heard the news this morning from Texas we were incredibly disappointed for our patients but unfortunately not surprised,” said Rochelle Tafolla, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.

Monday the Office of Inspector General at Texas Health and Human Services notified Planned Parenthood they will no longer receive Medicaid funding.

“I think it’s a shame that the politicians are trying to cut off health care by using some discredited bogus videos as the main motivation for it,” said Tafolla.

Tafolla is referring to recent videos released with Planned Parenthood employees suggesting they are selling baby body parts on the black market.

In the letter released by the Office of Inspector General said quote,

“It’s substandard, at best it’s a referral service,” said Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. “They really don’t have any equipment, they don’t have trained people.”

Patrick added this year the senate put fifty million more dollars a year into the budget for women’s healthcare, outside of Planned Parenthood.  He said the women who currently use Planned Parenthood have multiple other options, that do no support abortions, for affordable healthcare

“About twenty percent of our patients are Medicaid and so last year nearly 7 thousand women who were on Medicaid came to planned parenthood,” said Tafolla.

The cancellation calls for  Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers using taxpayer money to be eliminated completely, But Tafolla argued that Medicaid does not go towards abortions.

“Medicaid cover birth control, cancer screenings, and women exams.”

But Patrick said Planned Parenthood is not as much about women’s healthcare as people are made to believe.

“This is another example of the left camouflaging the real issue about that Planned Parenthood is about women’s health. Planned Parenthood makes virtually all of their money from killing babies. “

Tafolla said there is a 30-day period before they can actually end the contract, and that Planned Parenthood will still provide Medicaid to its patients until the contract ends. She added they will continue to fight the block.