Houston Texans Cheerleader tryouts bring more than 400 applicants

The Houston Texans are looking to select their new 2023 cheerleading team, and the competition has brought in more than 400 applicants.

"We did two virtual rounds. Those both happened last weekend," said Casey Alberts, the Director of Cheerleader Programs. "Today, we are seeing the candidates for the first time in person for round three."

A little over 100 candidates qualified for this round.

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"Today what we're seeing on the field is their performance aspect from their dance or cheer background, whatever they're bringing to the table."

It’s a mix of both veterans and first-timers because even if you were on the team last year, tryouts still apply to everyone like Sara Beth Martin who is looking to graduate from last year’s rookie status to a veteran.

"I really want to step up as a leader," she said. "This year, I feel like I can take what I've learned and share it with the rookies and really just be a mentor to them like the veterans were for me."

It’s certainly no secret, the Texans are coming off a rather disappointing season, but Martin is hopeful and excited, especially with how well the draft treated the team.


"When we had those two number two and number three draft picks, the fans, you could feel the excitement. We're really excited about our new coach, DeMeco Ryans and we're excited for C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr."

As for when we’ll see the cheerleader roster, Alberts says they’re selecting around 60 girls to move on to the finals, which is a week-long process before the team is selected.