Teen charged in drunk driving crash becomes emotional, "teary-eyed" in court

A suspected teen drunk driver appeared in court Thursday morning after a horrific crash that killed two teen students on Wednesday morning.  17-year-old Jaggar Smith is a Kingwood High School student, facing 2 counts of intoxication manslaughter charges after the crash that killed two 16-year-old Atascocita high school students, Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez. 

Smith reportedly did get emotional today in court, especially when prosecutors read the names of his two friends killed in that crash— Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez. Smith appeared teary eyed at that point, and the judge offered him a tissue, as prosecutors read his probable cause. 

Investigators say Smith admitted to drinking a whole MD/2020, which is a wine, and officers said he had slurred speech and red eyes during the time of the crash. 

A blood test is now being conducted to figure out what his blood alcohol content levels were at the time of the crash, but those results have not come in yet. 

Initially, prosecutors wanted Smith to remain in house arrest with an ankle monitor, but his attorney, said that was too harsh. 

Instead, Smith will now have a curfew in place from 9pm to 6am and is required to have an at-home alcohol monitor, also known as a breathalyzer.  He will also not be allowed to drive. 

Jaggar's parents were also in court today.  His mother also became emotional during the hearing.

The family’s attorney, Chip Lewis did speak to FOX 26 on camera after court today. “Best I can say is under the circumstances he’s doing about how we’d expect. He’s almost unable to speak he’s so overcome with the emotions that you would expect when 2 very dear friends of yours are lost,” Lewis said.  

The family declined to speak on camera but sent out a statement earlier this morning:

Jaggar Smith is due back in court for his next hearing September 27th.