Teacher uses Twitter to help students learn about the American Revolution

It can be hard to get kids interested in learning history, so this teacher came up with a creative idea.

Teacher Jennifer Denton in Huntsville, Alabama, assigned students key people and events from the American Revolution and had them act out what kinds of tweets they might have posted back in the day.

Denton shared some of the tweets her students came up with, and people are loving them.

"Tweet from Thomas Jefferson to John Hancock at the 2nd Continental Congress: '@johnhancock dude, I asked you to sign the line, not the whole page. #font1000 #cantfitmynamenowherenow"

"Tweet from George Washington: 'So we riding in the boat to sneak up on these forfs and Knox doing too much. Almost killed us his big tail making the boat tip. #battleoftrenton #crossingthedelaware #weboutdied"

The tweets have been shared more than 46,000 times and people from across the country are asking for her lesson plan.