Teacher holds online dance lessons for kids

A Sugar Land dance instructor may not be able to give lessons at her studio but that doesn’t mean class is canceled.

She had an idea that's giving parents a break during this pandemic because it isn’t easy for moms and dads to keep kids entertained, stress-free, and occupied while most of the world is shut down and trying to stay safe.

"We’re just bored. Yeah, we’re bored,” harmonized 9-year-old Isabella, 8-year-old Ryan, and 5-year-old Natalia Arong.

If your family is like the Arongs, then you too have heard the b-word, bored, plenty in the last few weeks. However, Cookie Joe from Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School has a cure for the COVID-19 Cabin Fever.

She’s holding online dance classes for kids, which is also a treat for the parents.

“The kids look forward to it. They dress up. They wear their dancing shoes. Even for tap we found some wooden boards in our garage and they’re able to practice tap,” explains their dad Stephen Arong.

“We’re not just there to teach them about their body and technique. We want to teach their hearts and minds and this is a great opportunity to do that,” says Cookie Joe.

“We got to dance with the other kids. It was really cool,” says Isabella.

The dancing isn’t only a distraction but also a bit of normalcy in an extremely abnormal existence during this unprecedented pandemic.

“One of the most important things we can do is to not let the kids be scared and let them know there is an end to this. We don’t know when but no matter what we’re in this together and we’re going to make it,” says Miss Cookie, as her kids call her.

“Here we’ll show you. We do this and also do passe’,” the Arong children say as they demonstrate dance moves they’ve learned.

"They get to see me. I get to see when they drop their arms and I get to say your arms are not up,” smiles Miss Cookie who is lovely inside and out.

She's been teaching for 43 years and is nearly 70 years old.

"I'm so grateful and so blessed. I’ve made it through two hip surgeries. I’ve got titanium hips,” she says, and she has a heart of gold too, bringing families together laughing and smiling, as they turn their homes into dance studios.

“Miss Cookie and Miss Tran recommended using whatever is available in the house,” laughs Mr. Arong.