Take it to Akin: what to know before renting a car

If you're flying somewhere for a summer vacation, chances are you'll need a rental car at your destination.

But car rental agreements can be confusing.   And if you’re not careful your rental car agreement can make or break that vacation budget.   

The biggest, and potentially the most expensive decision you'll make are those collision damage waivers, often referred to as insurance. Many renters often wonder if they need to pay extra for those waivers.

Those waivers cost $10-30 a day depending on the car or location.

And you might not need them if your own auto insurance already covers those things. 

And then there's the gas. Should you pre-pay to fill up the tank? The price of gas when you pre-pay is generally more expensive than when you up yourself on the way to the airport. But pre-paying is convenient.