Suspect weeps as autopsy photos of slain parents shown in court

It was all too much for Antonio Armstrong.

He never looked at the autopsy photos and the X-rays of his murdered parents. He simply put down his head and wept. 

The medical examiner said that Antonio's mother Dawn suffered two gunshots. One behind her ear, the other through it, about an inch apart. One of the rounds destroyed her brain stem, causing instant death. 

Antonio Sr. suffered one shot, but the bullet broke apart. One part left his head, the other stayed inside, causing catastrophic damage. He was able to live long enough to donate most of his organs. 

The state rested its case, and now finally the defense is having its turn. The defense has maintained all along that someone else entered the Armstrong home that evening and murdered the couple. The house alarm was set and the doors locked. So how would that be possible?

The defense brought out its own alarm expert to counter the prosecutions experts. He claimed the alarm system was poorly designed and installed. He said the window contacts had been so badly installed, they led to a series of false alarms. He said the motion detectors were sluggish and unreliable.

The defense's strategy is simple. It just has to get the jury believe that Antonio Armstrong could possibly be another victim and not a killer.