Sunnyside residents plan anti-violence rally outside Thomas Middle School

His name was Marquis Calvin, but to everyone he was "Gooley". To Jonathan Toliver, he was so much more.

"He was like a big brother to me. I really miss him too. It's kinda hard to see someone get shot," Toliver said with a far off stare.

He was with Gooley when it happened. They were walking back from a convenience store. When they got in front of Thomas Middle School, a car rolled up. Jonathan says two women inside spoke briefly to Gooley then opened fire. This was while the school was full of kids.

The bullets found their mark and left a mark on this community that has already seen so much violence. Three times this school year, the school has been placed on lockdown.

For some here, it's enough. So an anonymous woman who didn't want her face shown was going through the neighborhood passing out fliers urging people to attend an anti-violence rally outside the school.

"I think the young people here are going to appreciate that we are concerned about them. We're concerned about the teachers and the administrators because all of their lives are in jeopardy if you keep coming here shooting," she said.

It's too early to say how long the current outrage will last -- remember so many people here have seen so much violence. It's also difficult to predict if a rally will help and even how many will attend, but we can tell you who will be there -- Gooley's mother.

"I will support any woman who is going through my pain and I know there will be another. I see it all the time," said Latrece Miles.