Students arrested in school restroom recording case

Two Houston Independent School District sixth grade students have been arrested on campus. A letter sent home to parents on Tuesday informed them that the two Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan students are accused of recording video of a fellow student while he was using the restroom. That video was later posted on social media.
What would make middle school students do something so invasive, so vulgar? Mary Martinez, a concerned parent of another Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan student, says those are the questions she has. 

“That's very upsetting because that's very private for people to go to the restroom," adds Martinez. "No one has the right to videotape anybody.”

The two Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan sixth grade students were arrested on Monday and charged with improper photography or visual recording. They are accused of recording another student in the boys bathroom at school. Some parents who spoke with FOX 26 News say the victim had no idea he was recorded until other students approached him, laughed at him, and told him what they saw posted on social media.

"I didn't think anybody would be able to do that to another child especially, like, post it online," says student Maya Martinez Washington. "That's kind of disturbing.”

Houston ISD sent home the letter informing parents and reminding them if students share something like this electronically, "they're distributing pornography and that's against the law."

"Who does that to another kid?,” asks one student.
In the letter, Houston ISD is also reminding parents to talk with their children about what is acceptable use of their cell phone and social media and what isn’t. In a statement released by the district for FOX 26, in addition to criminal charges, the two students also face disciplinary action at the school.