Streets flood in Galveston, flash flood watch for coastal counties

Galveston Island experienced some street flooding on Friday morning as the area was under a flash flood watch. Those tropical rains brought more trouble to the island.

This time, it was 70-year-old Josephine Simmons who found herself in need of help.

“And I got to get to dialysis," said Simmons. "No way."

Simmons lives near Avenue O and 43rd St. She says it often floods along her street, but on Friday, it served as more than an inconvenience because she needed dialysis. The problem was the flooding trapped her at home.

"Had to watch what I drink and all that kind of stuff, but if I started feeling real bad, I had to go to the emergency room," said Simmons.

Stephanie Simmons is Josephine's daughter. She was also at home and was worried for her mother as the next appointment wasn't scheduled until Monday.

Word spread that Simmons needed help and within a couple of hours, Texas Tough Off-Road Recovery came to the rescue. 

Stephanie filmed as the men came to the 70-year-old woman’s rescue, providing a lift not just to her spirit but to that appointment she very much needed to keep. 

“So very relieved," said Stephanie. "I am so thankful."

Elsewhere on Galveston Island, Texas A&M Galveston canceled classes for the remainder of Friday and directed anyone on campus to shelter-in-place and remain until further notice.