Storm surge from Beta takes toll on Surfside Beach

The effects of Tropical Storm Beta came and went Monday in Surfside but that doesn't mean Beta is done with the Brazoria County coastal town. Monday some streets were underwater.

Resident John Young and his wife Bruna decided to stay put but say most of their neighbors sought higher ground.

"It seems the storm surge wasn't as bad as they were originally thinking," he said."we have a newer house and it's 15 feet up in the air so I figured we'd be ok this morning we woke up our street was flooded our neighbors house was all flooded. The canal here was almost to the road in some areas it was actually on the road."

"We are on a bit of a hill here but the water was up on the road," said Douglas Fees manager of the Anchor Motel. "It's flooded in our RV park over there but trailers are gone right now. The dunes down there also took a big hit as well."