Store owner says D.A.'s office declines charges against woman caught stealing mink coat

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It’s called Designer Diva, and the consignment store in the 11300 block of Westheimer is over 20,000 square feet.

“We have over 7000 consigners,” said store owner Michelle Puckett.

And video camera everywhere.

As you can see on this video which Crimestoppers aired on TV, this woman had more on her mind than just shopping last February.

“I never thought someone could stuff a whole mink up under her dress,” Puckett said.

And not just once but twice. First you see her hide the mink coat and put it under her dress when she thinks no one is looking. It’s apparently about to fall out so the woman hides in a corner, takes the mink out, and puts it up her dress again.

“With the clothes hanger and the bag that covers it up under her dress,” said Puckett.

“She said oh I’m burning up I’m sick and she had that same tissue over her face and just literally ran out the door,” said store manager and image consultant Carole Barela.

A tipster called Crimestoppers, and in a highly unusual move, called the store owner as well.

“I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Puckett said the tipster told her.

And since the tipster gave all the woman’s information to Puckett the D.A.’s office says that taints Puckett’s ability to be an impartial witness in the case.

“I’m very mad at the justice system and I’m very mad at the District Attorney’s office,” said Puckett.

The D.A’s office says Puckett could have looked the woman up and seen her picture before being asked to positively identify her in a photo lineup which could taint her testimony.

But prosecutors and police say they are not giving up and are calling this an on-going investigation.