Star of Hope Mission gives blankets to homeless people ahead of dangerous cold

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — With dangerously cold temperatures expected over the weekend, Star of Hope Mission is helping prepare the homeless population of Houston. The organization gave out 300 blankets in less than an hour on Friday. 

Case manager Kenneth Akins says the mission will offer homeless people rides to the shelter but some people just aren’t ready.

"I have one guy, it’s taken him three years to really make the first step," adds Akins. "Just to get to a shelter."

Star of Hope Mission will do away with its regular intake hours over the weekend and remain open all day from Saturday through Monday morning.

The organization also hopes it will get some help from Houston Marathon participants. As the runners warm up, those layers will come off.

"They just literally put them to the side of the road and the marathon people pick them up and put them in to bags," said Star of Hope Mission public relations director Scott Arthur. "We had over 200 bags of clothes last year."

The organization accepts in-kind donations at the Men's Development Center on 1811 Ruiz Street, Houston, TX 77002 or its Cornerstone Community on 2575 Reed Road, Houston, TX 77051.