Star of Hope in need of donations to help homeless during cold weather

While most Houstonians seem to be enjoying the cooler temperature, a local homeless shelter wants to remind people that there are a lot of people on the streets who need help to last through a chilly night. 

Scott Arthur is the Director of PR for the Star of Hope Men's Center. He said the shelter is in need of additional donations to help stock up for colder weather yet to come. 

"We're going to need blankets, coats, hats, scarves, gloves because it's going to get a lot colder here in Houston, as we all know-- sooner rather than later, so we want to be prepared for it," Arthur said. 

Arthur said several Star of Hope vans went around town Monday afternoon handing out blankets to some of the homeless. Many also ventured over to the Men’s Center on Monday to seek shelter from the heavy downpours and nearly 40 degree temperature drop overnight.

Arthur said the shelter is now over capacity.  

"Tonight, 80 men are sleeping on a mat on the floor. That gives us about 375 at the shelter and capacity is usually just under 300," Arthur said. 

In addition to cold weather clothing items, Arthur said the shelter is also in desperate need of water.

For more information on how you can help donate, click here.