Stafford police chief retires

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It's a very emotional day for Stafford Police Chief Bonny Krahn.  After 42 years as the police chief and 45 on the force he is retiring.  The time he's spent on the job makes him the longest serving police chief in Texas.

Krahn says back in the 1970's there were only 4 officers in the city.  Now he's running a 49 man department with cutting edge technology.  Krahn was actually eligible to retire 20 years ago but decided he had nothing else to do.

There's a streak of guilt that Chief Krahn admits to having as he steps down next Wednesday.  He says leaving the department at a time when police and community relations around the country are strained.  Krahn feels he might have been able to make a difference.

There will be a big send off for Krahn next Tuesday at the Stafford Civic Center.  The event is scheduled to begin at 5 pm.