Spy cameras sold for sexual harassment cases

With the onslaught of recent headlines about sexual harassment allegations, some people are choosing spy cameras to protect themselves should they face their own sexual harassment case.

"We get quite a few sales from men and women wanting to protect themselves in a meeting or conversation," said Keely Parrish, a sales clerk at Central Spy Shop.

Sales have increased significantly at Central Spy Shop in the past month, and the hot items are body-worn cameras, said Parrish.

Those items include hidden cameras in the form of clothing buttons, eye glasses, key fobs and ink pens.

"There are a lot of workplace meetings that people want to record," said Parrish. "We also have a lot of people that will keep a camera in their work area in general just to keep constant protection."

It's a similar story across town at Spy Emporium.

"We do sell cameras for those situations," said Pedro Martinez at Spy Emporium. "It's mainly the victim that wants to record that misconduct."

Martinez' spy cameras include a coffee mug with a tiny camera lens on the rim.

"If there's a person that usually harasses you--you want to be ready beforehand--you can take a cup of coffee with you," said Martinez. "And it's a camera--records both video and sound in high definition."

Texas has a "one-party consent" law.

"So if you and I are in a meeting, and I'm afraid that you are either going to harass me or accuse me of harassment, then I know the recording is taking place, so I am okay, and I can do that without you knowing about it," said Parrish, explaining the law.

Parrish says she also sees parents buy the spy cameras to make sure their children are not being harassed or abused.

Martinez says one of the most popular reasons for spy cam purchases at his shop is to catch a cheating spouse.