Spring Double Dave's closes, hands out free pizza

The Double Daves off Rayford Road in Spring has now closed after it's owners Donna and Kelly Gregory say they have had a hard time recovering after the Memorial Day flood and during Harvey. On their last day of business, they decided to do what they do best, give back to the community yet again.

The last few years have been pretty tough for the Gregory's. Their restaurant was under four feet of water during Harvey and yet they were still able to help serve the community by feeding them pizza out of a trailer and friend loaned them. Donna Gregory says, "that allowed us to help the community... I would tell them this is just a business it can be our baby, but I have a place to lay my head down and a lot of these people didn’t so much”.

Ronald Sims, a costumer of many years says, "for me to actually know that they are actually closing this place down is so emotional the amount of nerves I have right now are all cased up, I’m trying to hold the tears back”.

Sims came in to give the family one last hug. Back when he was going through a hard time, the Gregory's invited him, his wife and fur kids in for free food several times a week. “My kids spent many a days and nights watching TV here till eight or nine o’clock and then we would leave here and get in our Camaro and go park at Walmart and go to sleep and for us to lose something like, this a pillar like this is, it’s an emotional roller coaster”, says Sims.

Christmas Eve marked the pizza joints last day of being open and to continue their tradition of giving the Gregory's handed out pizza after pizza, all for free.

“We wanted to thank them and we thank them and we enjoyed being able to give back to them, so that’s what today is about again giving back to them”, says Gregory.