Spirit of rebuiding strong among Brazos flood victims

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It was hardly their choice, but John and Linda Clayton marked 43 years of marriage with something they're unlikely to forget - 18 and half inches of Brazos River water and a hasty evacuation from the home they love.

"We threw everything we could up in the air and hooked it and we couldn't get back out here for a week," said John.

When the Brazos came calling in this place they call Long Pond, it came fast. More than a week later and a good bit of what was once dry is still underwater.

"We lost 150 year old furniture, my grandparents, but we are trying to save what we can," said John.

For the life-long Brazoria County residents the rebuilding is well under way, with not a single thought of seeking higher ground.

You see, Linda grew up here and John's betting the Brazos won't rise this far again for another half century.

"You have a little cry. You get it over with and you know what you have to do when you get back. It's clean-up time," said Linda with a smile.

"What are you going to do? You can't cry in your milk," added John.

Amid the front yard pile are plenty of lost possessions. Inside the house, a great deal of work to be done to undo the river's damage.

It's a task the Clayton's are happy to tackle and plan to have their home good as new well before Thanksgiving.

"You can't kill the spirit. It's still there. Our home is us. That's it," said Linda.