Special screening for HPD of movie addressing PTSD

A special screening of the movie “We Are Stronger” showed at Studio Movie Grill in Memorial City on Monday night. Over a hundred police officers from Houston were invited to see the movie which puts the spotlight on a veteran battling PTSD.

“We Are Stronger” is a faith-based movie that took three years to make here in Houston. The idea started when the non-profit organization, Reflective Life Ministries, wanted to help others across our country, and decided to raise awareness for post traumatic stress disorder.

“We just had no idea that we would be from coast to coast with this movie and it’s a slow roll out. Because we are a nonprofit. All of our actors and actresses have given their time as well as producers and directors to this project because we really believe in what we’re doing,“ says Carla McDougal, executive producer of the film.

The movie follows the uphill battle of a veteran suffering from PTSD, trying to adapt to society, and features local actors from Houston, like Justina Page, whose character in the movie is similar to her real life experience. She suffered PTSD after a tragic fire back in 1999.

“We lost a son. His twin and myself were severely injured and told that we were not going to make it. But thank god for people who pray and for people who stay and support. And after my recovery I began to work in that world so a lot of burn survivors also experience PTSD so that’s my tie in,” Page told FOX 26.

The screening was a gift to the men and women of the Houston Police Department, some who may be struggling with PTSD following Hurricane Harvey.

Ray Hunt, president of the Houston Police Officer's Union said, “These people have been incredible for us but it’s just like the rest of the community in Houston. The Houstonians are so humble and so generous and this is just a small sample of the people who have done great things for police officers and we really appreciate what they did for us tonight.”

For more information about the film's screening head to www.strongermovie.com