Son of NBA legend says he 'fears for his life' after robbery

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The son of now deceased NBA legend Moses Malone says he was brutally attacked outside a popular Houston nightclub.

An attorney representing Moses Malone Jr. says his client was brutally beaten and robbed at gunpoint of $50,000 in jewelry last Saturday morning. 

George Farah says security at V-Live Houston did nothing to stop the assault and the suspects were allowed to run into the club after the robbery. 

As a result of this incident, Malone Jr. is in hiding in another state because his attorney says he fears for his life.

Carl Moore, the attorney representing V-Live, says their security force broke up the attack and the men involved took off running down Richmond Avenue.

Farah says, "all I can tell you is that my client was brutally attacked unnecessarily and there is a police investigation and we will proceed accordingly."

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department says they're still investigating the case and they have a long list of people to question in the incident.