Some Magnolia residents paying unbelievably high water bills

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Before Will Blair moved into his home in Hidden Lake Estates he says he asked the previous owner about gas and electric bills.

"Never once did I think about asking for a water bill," Blair said.

Now he says he wish he had.

On average residents here pay 240 dollars a month for water.

When we asked about a dozen residents if they drank the water we heard a resounding no.

"We have to run a fan in our bedroom to take the chlorine smell out of our bath water cause it causes our eyes to water," said Sunny Eppler.

Still the residents say they are paying out the 'you know what' for water.

"We moved into the neighborhood about two years ago and had no idea what we were getting into with the water bills," said Creighton Brown.

Before using one drop of water, these residents pay a base rate of $113.00/month, which Monarch Utilities tells us are approved tariff rates by the Public Utility Commission.

Blair conducted a chlorine test on the water for us. His results are unsettling.

"It's harmful to pets its harmful to people what are you trying to hide why do you have that much chlorine inside of the water," asked Blair.