Shopping returns to Houston-area malls with ‘retail to-go’

Shopping returns to Houston-area malls with ‘retail to-go’
Malls in the Houston area took the first step toward reopening Friday, offering retail to-go curbside pickup for their shoppers.

The new retail to-go option is in accordance with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order allowing product pickup at retail stores.

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With most parking lots still bare and doors still locked, shoppers were seen trickling back to Houston area mall for retail to-go curbside pickup.

“I think it’s a good idea—I mean we need to get back to work. Not just Houston—I mean globally,” said Julianna Fowler who stopped by Memorial City Mall Friday afternoon.

“I probably will experience the mall but do so with great trepidation,” said Batt Falcon, a Houston resident.


Malls now offering curbside pickup include:
-         Memorial City Mall
-         Baybrook Mall
-         Deerbrook Mall
-         First Colony Mall
-         Willowbrook Mall
-         The Woodlands Mall
-         The Galleria

“I’m here shopping for my girlfriend’s birthday, so I’m still able to get her something nice,” said Luis Ramirez who ordered from Nordstrom online and picked up his purchase at The Galleria. “I ordered it yesterday pretty late, so I was able to pick up today.”

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People picking up purchases from Nordstrom at The Galleria didn’t even have to leave their cars. They simply popped their trunks and the Nordstrom employee set the shopping bag inside.

Not all of the stores in the malls are participating in the curbside pickup just yet.

“There’s only a handful of retailers currently open, and the rest are waiting on corporate decisions,” said Tyson Shields, co-founder of UNO curbside pickup.

When shopping with those retailers that are open, you can either order online and select the store pickup option or call the store directly and place your order. You’ll be alerted when your item is ready.

At Memorial City, in addition to curbside, they’re offering locker pickup.

While the malls are listing their participating retailers online, it is recommended that you contact the retailer directly to learn their curbside pickup times and locations.