Sheriff's office: Four arrested after pill mill bust

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Four people have been arrested following an alleged mobile pill mill bust in Walton County. 

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According to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, the four suspects were in the process of setting up a clandestine drug lab using a truck and a trailer. Investigators said a deputy spotted the truck that had somehow gotten stuck on the road and found the makings of a mobile pill mill. 

A deputy "noticed a U-Haul truck and utility trailer backed into a wooded area on Jacks Creek. There was also a Jeep Cherokee sitting on the side of the road,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman, Walton County said.

Chapman said suspects Austin Marshall, Jakob Sullins, Nicholas Felker and Timothy Ballard were in the Jeep and fled the scene. They stopped when the deputy went after them.

Resident Cindy Lowe didn’t think much of the activity up the road from her home that night only to wake up the next morning to heavy police activity.

“This morning again they had the road blocked off this time from my mailbox all the way up to Old Good Hope Road,” Lowe said.

Sheriff Chapman believes the men planned to set up a pill mill in an area barn, perhaps thinking no one would notice any alleged illegal activity in the rural community.

“A lot of people are coming from surrounding counties thinking that we are a rural county and they aren’t going to get caught, but they are mistaken if they believe that,” he said.