Shannon Miles found competent to stand trial in Deputy Goforth's death

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Shannon Miles in court

One phase of the battle has come to an end. Shannon Miles' defense team conceded after over a year and a half of evaluations and medication that he is competent enough to stand trial.

"I think that today was the first time we had him on court, we were able to bring him in court and he understood the charges against him," said Miles' defense attorney Anthony Osso.

Miles is charged in the deadly shooting of Harris County Sheriff's Office Deputy Darren Goforth in August of 2015 as Goforth was fueling his patrol car. The attack came without provocation. The two men had no connection.

The Harris County Deputies Organization released a statement which reads in part, "We at the HCDO are looking forward to the upcoming trial where we are confident that justice will be served."

But what will that justice look like? Osso says Miles has psychotic episodes and is a schizophrenic. Under Texas law, competent and sane are different. 

"Whether or not you are able to understand the proceedings and can assist in those proceedings is one thing," explains FOX 26 News legal analyst Carmen Roe, "Whether or not to hold them criminally responsible for them is another thing that the jury will have to decide."

There is a new district attorney in Harris County since the shooting. While former district attorney Devon Anderson was seeking the death penalty, Kim Ogg's office said in a written statement  they will take another look at the case.

Miles is only competent because of the medication and his lawyers say he could backslide.

"It wouldn't surprise me, it's between now and the time we get to trial he would become incompetent again,"
said Osso.

Miles is scheduled to appear in court next on March 18.