Senate passes bill that could impact criminal courthouse revolving door that’s claimed 138 Harris Co. lives

138 Harris County residents have lost their lives paying the ultimate price for felony bond reform.

Also on the list of victims is veteran HPD officer Bill Jeffrey.

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District Court Judge Greg Glass is taking heat for not denying bond to officer Jeffrey’s killer, Deon Ledet.

"Was not only on bond, yes he was on bond, but he was a career violent offender who should not have been out on the street. This officer should not have been murdered, it should not have happened," said Senator Joan Huffman. "We need to show some rage and anger."

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"We don’t need any more headlines, we need this last solution to go into place," said Senator Paul Bettencourt. "We don’t need anyone else killed."

Another recently passed law will stop judges from granting personal recognizance bonds to defendants charged with violent crimes. It also mandates judges review a defendant’s criminal history.


This constitutional amendment will give judges more discretion to deny bonds to some defendants. 

"If it does finally get passed, and the governor does sign it, it’s up to voters to decide whether they believe judges should have discretion not to give bond to offenders charged with violent offenses," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.