Seminole tax collector deletes Twitter following controversial post

New details about the controversy surrounding the Seminole County Tax Collector, Joel Greenberg, are out, as one of his Twitter accounts is now closed.

As of Wednesday morning, when Fox 35 tries to access Joel Greenberg's Twitter account, it says that the 'page doesn't exist.' Greenberg has been using that account to fight back against people demanding his resignation. The controversy is over a post he made on his Facebook page about muslims' contribution to society. That post has since been deleted.

Fox 35 spoke with some locals, who say they just want to start a dialogue with Greenberg. Fox 35 also tried to speak with Greenberg, but when asked, he told one of our reports "No sir." He did however release a statement saying "I'm not known to be politically correct. I did not mean to offend anyone. Perhaps i should have cited my source of the original post."

Other accounts related to Greenberg are still up, but none of the earlier tweets are on those accounts. 

A rally is planned for Wednesday, creating more pressure for Greenberg to resign.