Second Baytown teen killed last month laid to rest

The second Baytown teen murdered was laid to rest Wednesday, Jarvis Morgan was just 17 years old. Friends and family packed the Second Baytown Baptist Church, Friends say they're still in shock. The Robert E. Lee high school student was described as kind and having a good sense of humor.

The sun broke through the clouds as the funeral procession set out to where 17-year-old Jarvis Morgan would be laid to rest.

"I have 4 children. My heart went out to the parents. Like it was said inside there, it's a tragedy that a parent has to bury their child, when it should be the other way around," Joe Estrada said.

Morgan's funeral comes a week after his friend Alex Chavez was buried. Both boys, just teenagers brutally taken from this world leaving behind a void in the lives of many.

"It's kind of new. I never thought I would lose a friend that was my age," Chazlynn Godson, a friend of Morgan's said, "So all of a sudden it was just like a damper on everybody."

"He was a very sweet person. He was very easy going," Natalie Noland a former classmate said.

The funeral programs says he enjoyed playing basketball and loved spending time with family and friends.

"I've seen a few classmates. They were all crying and very sad," Noland said. "It's just hard losing a friend, classmate at that."

"There was a lot of people from the community who came who joined in the search for these two young men.

I would have to say unity. It's hard to say for a tragedy it brings the community together, but it did," Estrada said.

Police are on the hunt for Brandon Flores who is wanted for capital murder. They believe he's in Mexico. Three other men have been arrested and charged with boy Morgan and Chavez's deaths.