Search for alleged rapist at Bellfort Plaza Apartments

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Quanell X is trying to track down a rapist, and today the Houston activist made one of his most impassioned statements ever. He's calling for an end to the "no snitch" policy in the black community, looking for the man who raped 36 year old Meyoshi Green.

Green described in detail the ordeal that she and her cousin went through in August at the Bellfort Plaza Apartments in Southeast Houston. She was moving into her new home there, with her cousin's help, when two men attacked them, raped them and robbed them at gunpoint.

One suspect has been arrested in the case, but he's refusing to identify the second man. Thats where he says the black community has to step up.

"I will say to the police department, you keep doing your job, and were going to do ours," he said. "We'll help you find him."

X believes someone in that nearby community is protecting that second suspect. Green is speaking up to protect innocents people from suffering the same nightmare that happened to her.

"After being in the closet, I could hear him saying she was playing games something like that," Green said. "I heard him shouting he was going to kill her."

Green and Quanell X went around the apartment complex where the rapes occurred  Wednesday afternoon, handing out a a sketch of the man she says raped her.
The suspect is described as a black man with light skin, about 6' tall with a slim build in his late teens to early 20's.

"There's no such thing as a no snitch policy for a cold blooded, low down, dirty devil that's raping women in our community," X said.

"And I must say this," he said taking a long pause before continuing. "I am 1000% behind "Black Lives Matter, but black lives may not just matter when someone white is accused of killing a black person. What about "Black Lives Matter" when black men are doing this kind if foolishness? What about our lives when the perpetrators look like us? Doesn't it matter just as much then? It has to!"

Quanell X says the man they are looking for is wanted in connection with one other rape in the area.