Search area widens for missing 24-year-old area man

The last time anyone saw 24-year-old Antonio Martins was last Thursday around 11:30 in the morning.

“He was supposedly going to be visiting someone at the Waffle House on 518 West Main street in League City,” said Jack Boggess with Texas Equusearch.

“Antonio was a comedian at heart,” said his uncle Gabriel Simpson. “He was a loving person not a fighter no anger no animosity just an all- around good comedian.”

But what happened to Antonio is no laughing matter.

In addition to Texas Equusearch two police agencies are also trying to locate him.

“A missing person report was filed with the Houston Police Department because that’s where he lives,” Boggess said. “Then the League City police got involved because that’s where his vehicle was found.”

Since Antonio’s vehicle was found near the Waffle House Texas Equusearch concentrated on an area within a mile of the restaurant during Sunday’s search which began at daybreak.

On Monday the search area was extended with volunteers on foot and in all-terrain vehicles.

Hours of searching has so far turned up nothing.

“Stunned and shocked,” Antonio’s uncle describes the family’s reaction. “We have our moments where we can be steadfast and moments where we’ve broken down words can’t explain it he’s the last person in the world you’d think something like this would happen to.”

“We don’t give up we just keep trying,” Boggess said.

“Without people like them people like us wouldn’t have any hope,” Simpson said.