SE Houston residents report increase in prostitution

FOX 26 has received several messages about an increase of sex workers in southeast Houston call Glencrest.

Joe Wilson, who lives in the neighborhood, says the females work Santa Lena, down the Gulf Freeway and up Lindcrest.

“Some of them are very young and it breaks your heart to see them out here, you know they’ve been human trafficked," said Wilson.

A growing number of females are walking the streets scantily clad, making themselves available to the next waiting car.

The growing issue has forced many families to move out. Elaine Andido with United Against Human Trafficking says because of COVID-19 most people's work has been impacted, also having an effect on the hours of demand.

“Most people are working from home, normal routines in traffic patterns are really not the same.”

Andido says, there may not necessarily be an increase of sex workers on the streets but rather the prostitution is more in your face.

“It’s not surprising that neighborhoods are seeing trafficking happening at times in their neighborhoods at times when they previously wouldn’t have seen it,” said Andido. 

Making the matter worse is that law enforcement is not able to take them off the streets.

“Because of COVID, right now for prostitution jails not taking people in for non-violent offenses,” said Wilson.

The Glencrest neighborhood is in District I. 

Wilson has been informed that overtime funding for HPD has been approved. He says that will just be a bandaid on the issue but he’s hoping it will take effect soon.